Dain Studios

Digital, Analytics & Insights

We support your business success by fully leveraging the – sometimes hidden – potential of digital
and analytics (D&A) and building your digital way of working

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The digital revolution creates massive business opportunities. Harvesting those requires the rare combination of a deep business understanding, state-of-the-art digital & analytics skills and full acknowledgement of the privacy issues involved. Without all three, any analytics based initiative will fail. Dain Studios will help you unleash the power of data and make it into your strategic asset.

Services Offered


Digital & analytics strategy, implementation roadmap

Execution Support

Implementation support, outsourced services and organizational enablers

Knowledge Areas

To fully leverage the potential of digital & analytics for business, we focus on three knowledge areas: Customer Analytics, Product Analytics and Operations & IoT Analytics.


The founding team of Dain Studios consists of seasoned professionals, each with a track record in building successful businesses and a passion for digital and analytics. Based in Amsterdam, Helsinki and Munich, the team brings in an international and diverse perspective of latest developments and best practices, and continuously strives to support our customers in the best way possible.

We aim to be the best place to work for highly skilled professionals who are passionate about the potential digital and analytics bring to business and who are thrilled to support our customers make the best of these!